Rx Scholarship Fund:

  • We provide scholarships to pharmacy students interested in entrepreneurial pharmacy careers through our organization and through our scholarship foundation.
  • We offer financial assistance to support eligible pharmacy students as they complete their education.
  • RxPlus members actively support both the students and the pharmacy colleges they attend. Members volunteer their time to serve on college advisory boards and career fairs.
  • RxPlus members have developed a Pharmacy Business Management Class to help today’s students understand the management concepts unique to community pharmacy ownership. Members volunteer to teach segments of the semester-long course at pharmacy colleges. The course combines the years of experience and wisdom members have gained owning and operating pharmacies in urban, suburban and rural communities.

Students: To be considered you must provide the following information

1                A scholarship application

2                A description of your NCPA student role and the duration of membership

3                Information on employment or internship with an RxPlus pharmacy

4                 A letter outlining plans to pursue a career as an independent community pharmacist.

5                 A supporting letter from an RxPlus pharmacist and current or former employment with a member strengthens a student’s application.