OptmizedLegalFor over 30 years RxPlus has engaged in political advocacy at both the state and federal levels on behalf of independent community pharmacies. Our political advocacy includes:

  • Monitoring, reporting to members on, and lobbying issues that impact the practice of pharmacy and all aspects of the pharmacy industry.
  • Passing legislation that protects the interests of independent pharmacists and their patients.
  • Defeating legislation that is counter to the interests of our members.
  • Providing educational workshops for members on the legislative process.
  • Providing legal and regulatory assistance.
  • Advocacy for independent pharmacies is increasingly important as state legislatures and Congress continually evolve the delivery of health care.

Brad Young, our Director of Government Affairs, meets personally with the Colorado members of Congress at least once a year to discuss pharmacy issues. Brad also works with other Purchasing Cooperatives we are affiliated with in other states. Some of the results of legislative efforts include:

  • Defeating legislation that would have promoted Medicaid mail order, which would have cost our members an estimated $10 million per year.
  • Defeating legislation that would have created a state-sponsored pharmacy discount card, which could have cost our members an estimated $2 million per year.
  • Passing legislation that curbed abusive Medicaid contingency audit practices.
  • Defeating legislation that would have restricted generic substitution.
  • Defeating mandatory Medicaid drug take-back legislation.
  • Passing PBM Audit Legislation in 2013 and PBM MAC Legislation in 2014.
  • Assisting with the passage of Medication Synchronization legislation.
  • Passing telepharmacy legislation.